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Plastic bag sealing performance, and which is related to
Packada Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 02, 2015

Different plastic bags have different heat sealing, packing particle and the density of food plastic packaging bags, requires high heat seal strength of plastic packing bag; but detergent so light and delicate powder-like substance, due to blowing dust packaging would require inclusion of plastic flexible packaging material better heat sealing.

When once a sealing material, sealing quality is directly related to the heat sealing technology, usually control the sealing temperature, pressure and time. Heat seal in the sealing temperature and more, making the film a viscous State; and thermal stress at the interface between molecular of flow viscosity of plastic film permeability, proliferation of extrinsic motivation; the sealing time must be as soon as interface elements so that the plastic film permeability, diffusion, interface disappeared as a whole, which has a good seal. Lowest heat seal temperature heat seal material depends on the material's melting temperature, heat seal temperature should be higher than the melting temperature of sealing material, however, than how much material is a single film or a film, the thickness of the film, heat seal pressure, influence of heat sealing speed specification. In General, heat sealing of high pressure heat slow; film thickness, you can heat seal temperature is lower, and vice versa.

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