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Plastic bag use
Packada Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 02, 2015

In our daily lives, plastic bags are closely related to our life, whether it's shopping, or save the item, we typically use the plastic bags, because the function has long been involved in all aspects of life. However, needs to pay attention when people use plastic bags should not be blind, questions also need to be careful when using it. In life, everyone in the shop usually goods packaging businesses, the most widely used is a plastic bag because plastic bags are not only cheaper, but also protect goods, giving publicity to the commodity. Many different types of bags on the market, if goods need plastic packaging bags, pay attention to the following matters.

Microwave heating of food, to use a "microwave dedicated" containers. Chilled, frozen food in the refrigerator should use cling film, rather than the common plastic bags instead. Wrap special processes and materials with good ventilation and storage performance, and ordinary plastic bags use a slightly longer time will cause food spoilage and decay, does not meet preservation purposes.

Packed in plastic bag of cooked food and snacks for immediate consumption, such as food, is best not to use colored plastic bag. Because plastic bags are made from recycled waste plastic products manufactured by again, at least add a color cannot be mounted directly to the food.

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